Client Case Studies

Cambridge Based Software Company

RBA managed a long-term absence process during which the employee appeared in a photograph within a local paper. We assisted the client with dealing with their PHI insurer and medical investigations which challenged the employee’s GP report.

This client also had an unusual harassment claim regarding homosexual banter.

Over the years there has been a number of redundancy exercises within the client’s distribution function and also when relocating their warehousing facility

This client had a requirement to make a salesperson redundant whilst on Maternity Leave. RBA has handled a flexible working request for a father claiming his child was a disabled child. On another occasion, the client discovered a post-employment criminal record and sought help with assessing their suitability for continuing employment.


Manufacturer of High Quality Metal Components

I was introduced to this business in 2000. An employee had been injured in an industrial accident whilst using a lathe.

This client had an instant Health and Safety requirement. We then continued to work with them by advising them with their employment terms and handbook.

Over recent years, as further technology has been introduced, job roles and functions have changed. RBA Ltd has supported a downsizing of the workforce. More recently we assisted with an expansion of the workforce to operate a renewed double shift system.

Other activities for this client have included long-term ill health absence, an employee losing their driving licence and a senior manager discovered to be disclosing sensitive confidential information.

RBA has developed a relationship and understanding with this client over a number of years. In simple terms, from an initial need some years ago, we are now considered to be a vital business partner who is invited into the board room to discuss potential options and strategies before they are implemented.


National Estate Agent

This company initially engaged RBA for an interim assignment to provide both on-site and off-site support in the absence of an HR Director.

RBA Ltd handled the HR issues with a merger process. However, the financial crisis delayed the proposed three month project, extending it to 15 months. This shows a good example of a flexible and scalable solution to meet the changing business needs.

RBA advised on agreed pay reductions for professional staff.

We handled redundancies, including site closures.

We represented the client in an employment tribunal on previous issues that had been handled poorly.

Throughout 15 months, RBA developed relationships with key partners and assisted the new HR director with the client’s ultimate merger process. We now provide services for the firm’s private estate clients.