Consultancy Assignments

Employment Tribunals

RBA Ltd can support you at every stage of the tribunal process. In responding to the claim we can set out your legal argument as required by the tribunal. If relevant, we will work for you to explore a potential legally binding settlement to the claim. We can prepare a case for the hearing, working with you to identify the required documentation and assess who are the best witnesses to attend for the employer. We support those involved in the hearing, preparing them to give evidence, explaining what will happen at the hearing and how they will need to respond. Unlike some legal practices we personally carry out the advocacy for our clients. Therefore, we fully know the background to the case before the hearing. In short we guide you through every stage to get you the best possible outcome.

Redundancy and Business Reorganisation Projects 

More than ever, there is a requirement to adjust and realign the allocation of resources within a business and make changes.

Clients are guided through the legal process for changing contracts and where necessary the process for terminating employment. At the heart of this process is business need. After an initial fact finding exercise clients will be given details about the options they have for change, together with costing, timings and an assessment of business risk.

Whilst some legal providers can explain a process, RBA Ltd considers the whole process which is more than a legal compliance exercise. We look at the wider impact to the business, how messages are communicated, employee relations tactics and management of expectations. Finally, we draw up and implement a plan for improved performance after the impact of the change.

TUPE, Merger and Acquisition 

When a business takes over the activities of another employer, or takes over a service contract previously provided by someone else, the employment liabilities need to be considered.

RBA Ltd has assisted clients with employees transferring into and out of businesses. Sometimes this impacts on the new economic entity and this process needs to be managed by good consultation.


One of the most important activities any employer can undertake. Finding and retaining the best possible talent for your business will ultimately determine your organisation’s capability to deliver products and services to your clients and customers.

Starting with the search brief, we determine what skills and attributes are required and also what types of behaviours are going to lead to successful outcomes. A shortlisting process provides you with a summary of each candidate and why they should be considered for further interview. To support the selection process we may use personality or psychometric profiling. In some cases we will devise work based tests. In any event the outcome will be a profile of potential candidates that evidences their personal characteristics and their competence related to the job specification.

The recruitment process however does not finish until the new team member has been inducted and successfully completed any probationary period. Managing expectations and setting goals throughout this process has proven to be key to the success of the recruitment process.


When an employer is faced with bringing the employment relationship to end sometimes the only option left is to try to support the employee with their next steps. This is where outplacement support comes in. Help can be given with CV writing and applying for jobs, considering potential career changes and the value of transferable skills, helping with the job search, coaching for the ‘face to face’ interview, help for assessment centres, understanding personality profiling and finding a match with company values.

RBA can supply all of the above and more to support people in transition.

Employment law –training for managers

Courses can be run either on an ‘open’ basis or tailored for ‘in house’ use. From a half day short course programme to a modular series, training can be provided for managers who are involved with people management. Common subjects are:

  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Performance Management
  • The role of the supervisor
  • Changing terms and conditions of employment
  • How to fairly manage and dismiss staff
  • Recruitment and the law
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Dealing with absence
  • Conducting formal hearings
  • Conducting Appraisal
  • Constructing and implementing a team briefing
  • Communicating objectives and managing expectations
  • Bullying and Harassment within the workplace
  • The Bribery Act
  • Health and Safety – general duties and responsibilities, accident and incident investigation, assessing and managing risk
  • Employment law update for managers and business owners – including employment cases

For further information download RBA Training Courses Information

Management Development, Coaching Team-working 

With years of experience working with managers Rob Bryan has designed, implemented and evaluated development programmes for managers and businesses.

Typically a training intervention is designed to improve elements of core managerial competence. Alternatively it can be  to unite a team or department within an organisation around new working methods, or a strategy for competitive advantage.

Other assignments

RBA has facilitated strategy workshops for SME businesses

RBA has conducted attitude surveys for SME businesses including a variety of stakeholders, customers, ex-customers, employees and managers.


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