Part Time Human Resource Manager

What is the service?

There are times when a business needs to outsource its people management function, whether on a temporary basis to deal with a particular organisational challenge like an acquisition or merger, or for a fixed period such as cover for the maternity leave or absence of the permanent manager.

Whether leading the ‘in-house’ department, providing extra support or expertise for the department or leading a particular project with an operational team the Part-time service can provide a cost effective and scalable solution for your business.

How is this service delivered?

Typically the nature of the assignment involves a ‘face to face’ delivery of the service provided on-site. A consultant will usually be visiting on a regular basis at least monthly, bi-weekly or, more commonly, weekly.

The number of visits and hours of support can be scaled to meet your particular needs. Initially a fixed period of time is allocated to your business. The actual activities vary but often involve HR surgeries for line managers, attending project / management meetings, field based assignments, change management processes, recruitment and redundancy activities as well as due diligence assessments with TUPE related transfers and outsourcing proposals.

What are the benefits?

Dedicated expert advice as and when needed.

Director level skill, knowledge and experience available as and when required for an hourly price.

You only pay for this resource as and when you need it.